Pet Friendly Apartments in Thompson's Station, TN

Discover the Ultimate Pet-Friendly Living at Sanctuary Bluff Apartments

For pet owners and animal lovers searching for the perfect apartment, finding a space that caters to both human and furry family members can be a daunting task. Yet, tucked away in the serene landscapes of Thompson’s Station, Sanctuary Bluff Apartments emerges as an unparalleled oasis for pets and their people. Here, we blend comfort, convenience, and a warm community spirit to ensure that every day is a delightful experience for you and your beloved companions.

Embracing Pet-Friendly Perfection

At Sanctuary Bluff Apartments, we understand that pets are cherished family members deserving of happiness and freedom. Our commitment to offering a pet-friendly lifestyle is evident in the multiple pet parks sprinkled throughout our apartment community, providing your pets ample space to romp and play. These designated areas not only encourage physical activity but also foster a sense of community among pet owners.

Balcony Bliss and Natural Splendor

Many of our apartments boast spacious balconies or patios, granting your pets the joy of outdoor exploration from the comfort of home. The infusion of natural light into your living space creates a welcoming ambiance, further enhancing the wellness of both you and your pets. In addition, our prime location near walking trails and pet stores makes outdoor adventures and supply runs convenient and enjoyable.

A Commitment to Cleanliness

We champion a clean environment for all residents—furry ones included. This ethos is reflected in our comprehensive pet policy, designed to maintain the harmony and well-being of our community:

Monthly Pet Rent: A nominal fee of $45 monthly per pet, for up to two pets, ensures the upkeep of our pet-friendly amenities.

Pet Fee: A one-time payment of $400 for the first pet and $300 for the second pet helps us provide top-notch facilities for your pets.

Dog DNA Registration: At $45.95, this measure aids in keeping our community clean and accountable.

Breed Restrictions: In line with the National Center for Disease Control’s guidelines, aggressive breeds are carefully reviewed to preserve the safety and comfort of all residents. Moreover, we embrace responsible pet ownership through the use of PetScreening—a third-party service that helps us create a welcoming environment for every resident and visitor.

Apartments in Thompson’s Station A white kitten relaxing on top of a pair of shoes at Sanctuary Bluff Apartments in Thompson’s Station

Important Reminders for Pet Owners

  • We welcome puppies and kittens, requesting proof of age to confirm they’re one year or older, alongside up-to-date vaccinations from a licensed professional.
  • There’s no weight or height limit for pets—your furry friends are welcome regardless of size.
  • Introducing us to your pet and providing a photograph prior to your move-in date allows for a seamless transition to our community.
  • Securing renters insurance with liability coverage is a crucial step, ensuring a safe and happy home for everyone at Sanctuary Bluff Apartments.

Join Our Community

Sanctuary Bluff Apartments represents more than just pet-friendly living—it’s a place where the joys of pet ownership are celebrated and supported in every aspect. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll through the walking trails, mingling with fellow pet lovers at the pet parks, or simply enjoying the view from your balcony, our community offers an unmatched lifestyle for you and your pet companions.

Discover the epitome of pet-friendly living at Sanctuary Bluff Apartments. Embrace a lifestyle where your pets are not only welcomed but cherished. Contact us today to schedule your VIP tour and take the first step towards your new home in Thompson’s Station.