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Apartment Rental Rates and Security Deposit Information

Unlock Savings with Our SureDeposit Partnership: The Alternative to Traditional Security Deposits.

Type Name Sq. Ft.Rental Rate
1 Bed | 1 BathBalance596$1,629 - $1,779
1 Bed | 1 BathHarmony833$1,699 - $1,849
2 Bed | 2 BathMeditate1,083$1,779 - $1,999
2 Bed | 2 BathPeaceful1,267$1,999 - $2,099
3 Bed | 2 BathSerenity1,267$2,199 - $2,429
3 Bed | 3 BathTranquil1,389$2,419 - $2,449

Unlock Savings with Our SureDeposit Partnership: The Alternative to Traditional Security Deposits.

Welcome your new lifestyle at Sanctuary Bluff Apartments, where your dream Thompson’s Station apartment awaits—with breathtaking views and unparalleled amenities. Moving can be a significant financial commitment, so we’re excited to offer a game-changing solution: SureDeposit.

SureDeposit provides an innovative alternative to traditional security deposits, making your move into Sanctuary Bluff Apartments as smooth and cost-effective as possible. This unique option allows you to enjoy the luxury and comfort of our apartments without an upfront security deposit.

Our partnership with SureDeposit is designed to enhance your moving experience, offering you peace of mind and financial flexibility. You can move into your new home without spending the additional funds on a security deposit.

Rest assured that traditional security deposits remain an option for those who prefer a conventional security deposit.

Our leasing team is here to assist you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have about this incredible opportunity.

Move in with ease, and move in with Sanctuary Bluff Apartments.


What Is A SureDeposit Security Deposit?

 It’s an alternative to a traditional security deposit that helps you keep more money in your pocket when moving into your new apartment. Rather than tying up a security deposit for your lease term, SureDeposit offers a solution for keeping that money in your pocket.

Consider the usual scenario where a security deposit of $1,000 is required to move in. With SureDeposit, you can secure your apartment lease with a SureDeposit bond for $175 instead of paying this total amount upfront. This amount is paid to SureDeposit directly.

This means:

  • Immediate Savings: You save $825 in move-in costs, freeing up your budget for furnishings, décor, or simply enjoying life in your new home.
  • Lasts The Lease Lifetime: Your SureDeposit bond covers you for the life of your lease in the community, giving you peace of mind whether you’re renewing your lease or transferring within the property.


Essential Facts About SureDeposit:

  • Non-Refundable: Unlike traditional deposits refunded upon moving out (conditions met), the SureDeposit bond payment is non-refundable. This is how you gain those immediate savings on move-in costs.
  • Not an Insurance: You’re still responsible for damages you might cause to the unit. SureDeposit is a way to manage initial costs, not a pass on accountability.
  • An Optional Choice: You have the power to choose. You can opt for the traditional security deposit route or the flexibility of SureDeposit.


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